Welcome to Portland Photo Company! Let's create images together that tell a story... YOUR story. 

I strive to be a fun photographer that puts you at ease... so you see more photos you love!

I am never shy about showing images as I take them, to show you how your images will look...

and catch any flaws before we get too far in the session. I'm a master Photoshopper (is that a word?) and can swap smiles, brush away your flyaways and even heal boo-boos on children's faces. Just ask!

Whether it's a brand new squishy baby you've welcomed to your family, a home you are upgrading or a wedding day full of family, friends, and love... I create stories to help you remember this time in your life, as a beautiful physical memory.

I also work with corporations, professionals, models, and businesses to create a brand. 

I create images that show the world who you are. 



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